May I take this opportunity to salute the school’s editorial team for having come up with the first edition of a new look school magazine. I take a lot of pride in being Maranda High School Board Chair. As one of the leading schools in the country, Maranda has a responsibility to show leadership to other schools in terms of mentoring students into responsible citizens of this country. Through the magazine, we are able to share information on our progress as a community and reflect on the task which is lies ahead of us.

I took over as the BOM chair in February 2022 when the school was facing serious disciplinary challenges which culminated into burning of school properties by some few misguided students. This made the school to attract a bad publicity which made many people to cast doubt on the school’s ability to continue posting good results. I am happy say that serious discipline challenges are now behind us and that Maranda is on the right course as is being demonstrated by or good results in the 2021 and 2022 KCSE examinations.

I would also like to sound a warning to the students who may entertain some ideas of going against the school rules and conducting themselves in a manner likely to cause unrest in the school. To such kind of students, we will not hesitate to conduct a clean-up as we have done before. On the same note, my appeal goes the teaching staff to continue doing the good work which have given us the good results. At all times they must uphold good behavior among themselves in order to give good guidance to the students. For this success to be upheld, teamwork is paramount.

My appeal also goes to the parents who have greatly sacrificed to support the school projects to continue doing so to enable us create a conducive atmosphere for the students to excel in their studies. Since the foundation of the school is built on the parents, I am highly counting on them. So far we are very satisfied with the support from the parents and activities of the PA who are closely working with the board.

Generally Maranda is on course and a lot is in the plan to make the school perform even better. My vision is to see Maranda fulfil the school motto: “put on integrity” by becoming a leading school nationally in terms of academic excellence and good behavior. We will do our part as the BOM in consultation with the PA to continue making Maranda environment very conducive.

May God bless you. Dr. John Odero Ong’ech