god gives us power

Maranda High School Fears God




All Glory and honour returns to God Almighty for his love upon humanity that he gave his only begotten Son Jesus Christ who died on the cross, shed his blood for the remission of our sins. Indeed we are beneficiaries of His sufficient Grace .We are witnesses that salvation is an act of Grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone.

Matters of spirituality require divine guidance and absolute reliance on the Holy Spirit. In that connection, we need to pull our spiritual antennae and strengthen our spiritual muscles all the time in order to understand and walk according to God’s will.

With the advance of technology, today we are dealing with modern children who are highly exposed to a lot of information in social media since the world is a global village. As a department, we have to adjust and learn very fast how to give spiritual nourishment to our students and the society as a whole.

The overall goal of the department is to coordinate matters of spirituality in the school at large. We are mandated to provide psycho-social and psycho-spiritual support to students, teachers and non teaching staff in school in season and out of season.

The department is headed by Rev. Peter Okoth an Ordained Clergy in the Anglican Church of Kenya, Diocese of Bondo. He is also a professionally trained teacher (Physics /Mathematics) employed by the Teacher Service Commission (TSC). He is assisted by volunteer teachers who are in charge of different areas within the department.

The Parish Vicar provides spiritual oversight and twice a term he is invited to celebrate Holy Communion. Every Sunday, we organize ecumenical church services from 7a.m to 9.00 am at the arboretum while on Mondays we have 10 minutes fellowship at the assembly ground.


The Christian Union (C.U) brings together all students that belong to the protestant denominations and who confess Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. It is affiliated to the Kenyan Student Christian fellowship (K.S.C.F) whose foundation is Acts: 2: 32.

 Its aim is to evangelize to students in the school, disciple them to be effective witnesses of the Lord Jesus Christ in the school and community at large. Currently members of Christian Union are approximately 400 in number.


Ø  To prepare a role model Christians having Godly values and playing an active and positive role in church and society.


Ø  To lead the students to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, mature in Him and equip them for effective services.  


Ø  Every student for Jesus Christ


Ø  Hymn 229, Golden Bells. (Have you been to Jesus?)


a. Bible Study and Discipleship

b. Evangelism

c. Peer and Pastoral Counselling

d. Spiritual Warfare

e. Special Outreach Programme/ Charity work

(Rev. Peter Okoth) 
Cert. Th, Dip P Th, BA P Th, B/ED (Physics/Mathematics)


The department provides students with the tools and support they need to deepen their faith, develop a sense of purpose and meaning, and contribute positively to the world around them.


In the Christian Union, all members must identify with a Bible Study Group .At the moment , there are 30 Bible Study groups each having 12 members  that  meet every Saturday from 3pm to 4pm.

Before students retire to bed after preps, a compulsory 10 minutes is left for devotion/epilogue, (nicknamed ten to ten rule). The devotion begins at 9:50 p.m. up to 10:00 pm). The programme is guided by daily devotional power guide developed by the Scripture Union of Kenya.

Daily devotion is also conducted by teachers in their respective departments .This has promoted the culture of reading the Bible every day among the teaching staff.


  • We value the future of our children .Jesus said “let the children come to me”. The Chaplaincy Department has actively running Kids Ministry led by a volunteer student Boston Karuiki (Form 3 Green) and Isaack Walcott (form 2 Alpha). At the moment, we have 21 kids who regularly come for the quality teachings given by the Sunday school teachers. The programme begins at 7:30 a.m up to 8:30 a.m (One Hour Service) in Form 4 Green.


We organize Christian evangelization programmes targeting students within the compound, nearby centres, hospitals, prisons, Orphans and Vulnerable Children (O.V.C), the elderly in the community. The programmes were greatly affected by the issues of COVID -19 pandemic that affected the entire school academic programmes.

Each term we select an activity and we jointly support it (i.e. C.U, Y.C.S, S.D.A and Muslim society).

Recently we did the following:

1. Visited Maranda Special School for the mentally challenged (12/6/22) to share the Word of God, to do charity work and community cleaning. (Term one)

2. Hosted Uganda Kids of Hope (African peace ambassadors) residing at Baden Powell Memorial Home in Kampala.  (Term 2)

3. Planning to visit three old elderly members of the community immediately after the half term

4. Term three 2022 we are visiting Siaya Prison for evangelism and charity work.


The C.U works hand in hand with the Guidance and Counselling Department. There are teachers and trained peer counsellors who are always available to provide counselling and referrals where necessary. The chaplain also provides pastoral counselling to those in need. The department identified two professionally qualified counsellors who are occasionally invited to provide psychosocial and psycho spiritual services namely:

i.           Rev. Canon Dr. Patricia Oyuga (Counselling Psychologist)

ii.         Mrs. Anastacia Olan’go (Licensed Counselling Psychologist)


Prayer is a weapon for survival in the wicked society we live in today. A Christian believer should be fuelled by prayer and the grace of God Almighty. The Christian Union (C.U) has a network of students and teachers who have the passion to pray and to seek the divine will of God in all circumstances we face today. This has called for absolute sacrifice and total commitment by the partners. By the Grace of God we have become victorious in all through Christ Jesus who strengthens us. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us (Phi