The office strives to cater for the welfare of over 150 members of the staff and about 2500 students hence is opposed to several challenges and constraints. However, we hand remained focused and registered social success in the following areas;

a) Students’ Welfare

The school has strove to cater for the welfare of the students’ while at school, by providing good shelter, clean purified water and adequate balanced diet. The school also provides medical services in the school dispensary which is run by a qualified and competent clinical office. Any referral cases are handled at Haven hospital in Bond town under NHIF Cover. However, we do appeal to parents with other medical insurance cover to allow their sons to use them as the biometric system of NHIF occasionally fails to function and at times is very slow.  

The spiritual needs of the students are also catered for adequately. All students do attend the mandatory Sunday church service at school courtesy of the sponsor church, ACK.Muslims students worship regularly in the mosque within the school as other Christian denominations are allowed to exercise their faith freely  without breaching the school rules and regulations.  

    (b) Pocket Money

All the students are encouraged to open a bank account with Equity bank or post bank for safe custody of the money. Then can withdraw one weekly basis within the school compound. Students are discouraged from keeping over Kshs.500 in the dormitories as money is so tempting.

     (c) Discipline

The general discipline of the students is good. Thanks to all the stakeholders for your support and cooperation in helping mound the character of our sons. A few indiscipline cases noted, have been dealt with firmly and professionally. Parents are urged to create time for their sons and to know them. Let us strive to instill good morals in them so as to give teachers’ easy time to discharge their duties. Any form of indiscipline is not tolerated. Let's encourage our sons to avoid time wastage because of indiscipline. They must ensure that they do the right thing, at the right time, right place and in the right manner.

  Otherwise, with your continued support and cooperation, I believe God will always grant us success in all our endeavors.

                                            GOD BLESS MARANDA

                                                     Ogolla G.A