Maranda high school has always taped a clamor by creating cultural zing top notch academic performance. The visibly large academic footprints are a product of consciously constricted confluxes implementation plan dedicated and tailored to the students’ academic thrust

Allow me to warmly thank members of staff who have set aside their personal interests to serve students. Psyched by the desire to achieve proficiency and merited rescues in Kenya certificate of secondary education (KCSE) examinations teachers spend their weekdays as well on weekends assisting learners. This commitment has easen the implementation of academic programmers.

New organizational frameworks center team work. Team spirit has been and still is the hallmark of institutional social and professional stability. Our culture in its own standards inculcated team spirit not only amongst teaching staff but also in non-teaching. So predictably, the teaching and learning approach is not only interactive but also communicative. We, for instance, involve students in monitored group discussions, subject based group activities expose them to many populations of  apparatus as  a group and cluster examinations among others. 

As a result, all learners find fertile grounds where they fully utilize their potential and achieve their potential academic limits and dreams. The school over the years has set standards that enable the students to experience their dreams and become productive members of society who actively engage in nation-building. We centre the needs of our students and push claims to persecute their setbacks and challenges as catalysts of success.